We leave tomorrow early…

We leave tomorrow early for three days in St. Louis. Hence, crazy to-do list today:

  • go to house, apply Roundup to massive tree of heaven infestation in backyard and side yards (first application, 2.5 hrs, $50 worth of herbicide, unknown damage to plants we actually want, such as: climbing rose, two peonies, bridal veil spirea, tiger lilies, lilac bush, Japanese plum tree) -- done

  • dig up interesting plants from front yard, preparatory to mowing in accordance with Village requirements -- done

  • shower and wash chemicals off body (despite rubber boots, gloves, long-sleeved shirt and pants, I stunk of round-up when I was finished) -- done, hopefully

  • 11:30 -- dress and take children for doctor's appt. (overdue check-up, possible vaccines, certification of vaccine up-to-date for pre-school next week, check on Kavi's new cough, developed last night, which is sounding croup-like) -- failed -- got there, and doctor's office was closed due to lack of power from storms last night, argh.

  • return kids and Jarmila to house; fill out pre-school application form -- re: previous, now delayed to Monday

  • drop off pre-school application with check for application fee -- ditto

  • cancel extra ComEd account at house (long overdue) -- done

  • start ComEd service here -- done

  • car oil change, tires rotated -- done

  • stop at Village Hall and check on permit status -- done

  • also get vehicle sticker, due by 6/30 -- failed; need to come back with mail proving residency; must do Monday!
  • go back to house and check for water in basement -- done; found a little standing water on the south side, barely more than damp; no evidence of water on walls

  • label buzzer (need to find tape in box first, or buy tape, or get label maker to work)

  • fix remaining grades for spring semester (long overdue)

  • critique two make-up stories, belatedly, for online class

  • car cleaned out

  • 6:00 - stop by neighbor's house to look at tv cabinet they're selling; tv is currently perched precariously on table that Anand keeps trying to climb

  • pick up leftover laundry / drop off cleaning check at previous rental

  • finish any laundry, pack my clothes and children's clothes for trip

There's probably more, but that's the list so far.

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