Home safe from driving…

Home safe from driving to St. Louis for Kevin's big family reunion. Met all kinds of cousins. I approve. Everyone I talked to (didn't manage to talk to them all in three days) was very nice. Hope to see more of them. It was also miserably hot, the kids were sick and feverish, the place, while gorgeous, was a toddler/baby death-trap so we were constantly chasing after them, and Kev and I ended up so much more tired than we started. But there was a pool, so that's something.

Should go to sleep, but can't sleep, too wired. Going to try a hot shower, and if that fails, well, there's always more unpacking to do. The living room is insanely close to finished (I even managed to sweep and vacuum it tonight), but the dining room is an utter disaster. All the mess/boxes from the other rooms have steadily been pushed to the dining room in the center of the house. It's almost impassable, and the compulsion to do something about that is strong.

Still, I should probably sleep if I can.

3 thoughts on “Home safe from driving…”

  1. You just described almost every trip we’ve had with kids! It’s so exhausting being a responsible parent away from home (even more so than at home). I look forward to the day when I don’t have to be constantly vigilant about my kids immediate safety/location/meal status/toilet needs/sleep/etc. I’m still waiting for a vacation that *feels* like a vacation…

  2. Chris von Weise

    I concur about the environment not being toddler/ infant-friendly. It does get a little easier when they get older (but right now my two are bickering like crazy.) I am learning to tune them out unless I really to have intervene (blood drawn, objects thrown or swear words involked)

    It was so great meeting you- your children are absolutely beautiful! And sweet, to boot! I look forward to reading your work and getting to know you better. Good luck with the renovations.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Yasmara, I would like it if someone could tell me what age we get to relax at. 5 year olds? 10 year olds? College?

    Chris, was lovely to meet you and your family! Your daughters are sweet and smart and funny — and those eyes! Do let us know if you’re ever coming through Chicago…

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