Anand woke up happy at…

Anand woke up happy at 6:30. Maybe if I just ignore his 4:30 screaming bouts, he'll always go back to sleep? The hollering is much easier to ignore here, as the layout of this place means that there are two solid wood doors between his room and anywhere else. And when the AC / fans are going, you almost can't hear him, even when he's at full throttle.

He's got a clean diaper now, and is otherwise naked, since it's warm here and I haven't turned on the AC yet. Anand's cheerfully crawling around the floor (and over the dog). I've unpacked the master bathroom, and cleared the kitchen counter of varied and sundry items. Next is some of the dining room, because it's getting hard to walk in there (I tend to unpack by clearing out, room by room, which gives me peaceful unpacked rooms to escape to, but means that the last rooms get jam-packed with stuff. Kevin disapproves of this method, but it's the only way I can cope with unpacking. We're not going to completely finish before we leave for St. Louis on Friday (Kev's family reunion, back Sunday), but I think we can get most of the rooms mostly unpacked by then.

I'm going to go make some tea. Productivity needs fuel.

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  1. Lenore Jones/jonesnori

    Wow! You are getting a lot done! I hope Anand keeps it up.

    I’ve had a succession of cats crawling on me in the last half hour. Since I already fed them, I’m guessing it’s time for bed!

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