Did another 20 minutes…

Did another 20 minutes on the Wii Fit last night, for a total of 50 minutes, which you'd think would be good, but I forgot that if I exercise right before bed, I then have trouble sleeping. Whoops. Finally got solidly to sleep around 12:30. Won't make that mistake again anytime soon!

Only managed 20 minutes today, but it was a trade-off for 2 hours of reading Under Heaven (about 3/4 through, and liking it very much, although Fionavar is and will remain my absolute favorite of his) and 2 hours of writing the YA novel (up to 12,000 good words, I think) and 2 hours of dealing with e-mail (at least a quarter of which time was booking a plane ticket to Charleston, where I've never been before, and where I'll be for my sister's bachelorette party in June -- fun!). With transit time, lunch, and random cleaning, that pretty much ate up all of the 7 hours Jarmila was here, and I think it was an excellent use of childcare time.

Tonight, Kevin has a work thing until late (talk followed by talking more with speaker, followed by 8:45 p.m. dinner reservations with colleagues), so I've got a long on-duty stretch. I plan to take it as easy as the kids will allow. With luck, Anand will go down around 7 and sleep 'til 10; fingers crossed. Maybe when Kavi gets up from her nap, I'll pack them all up for a walk. My legs feel like jelly right now from working out, but they should be mostly recovered in an hour.

One of the things I really do like about working out is that within a day or two of starting, I usually start feeling better and more energetic. That mostly compensates for waking up sore and feeling like I want an extra hour of sleep. Mostly!

Tomorrow evening, aikido class, assuming Kev can watch the kids then. Hope it turns out to be fun.

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