Oh, and to note that I…

Oh, and to note that I managed 30 minutes on the Wii Fit today, while Anand was napping before Kavi woke up. But then I had an exhausting 8 hours of watching the kids -- no childcare today. Eventually I woke up Kevin and made him relieve me because I was about to cry. Fled to the bookstore and read a few complex and lyrical chapters of Under Heaven, which calmed me down enough that I could manage a quick run for toilet paper and milk to the store, and then home to help with the kids for a bit. I'm still feeling weirdly restless, so while Kevin is taking the kids out for a while, I'm going to do some more Wii Fit, I think. I could have just gone walking with them for exercise, but I need a break from people.

If you've sent me e-mail or phone stuff in the last few days, I'm still basically not coping. My phone is off and I'm not really responding to any e-mail that isn't panicked students. After the frenzied grading rush that ended yesterday late afternoon, my brain is just broken, and all I want to do is curl up with a book for several days, which of course the children do not allow.

Tomorrow, we have childcare from 9-4, so I hope to get back to dealing with at least the urgent business of life then. There's at least a month's worth of bills waiting to be sorted, for example -- Kev and I have been so exhausted and frenzied that we've barely even looked at our mail as it came in this past month. Really has to be dealt with soon. Also buying plane tickets for a whole bunch of upcoming travel is urgent. Although what I really want to do tomorrow is bike over to our house, put some more colors on it, then walk up to Borders, and finish reading the Kay. Kevin has a work thing in the evening, so I'll have both kids from 4-late night. We'll see how much of real life I can cope with.

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