Forgot my phone this…

Forgot my phone this morning, but otherwise, lovely day. The weather is stunning, so once Jarmila arrived, I packed up and drove over to the house. Once there, I put a coat of 'Darkest Grape' on three of the posts, and it looks great! Very happy! I would have taken photos to show you, but no phone. That has us with three colors locked in: Down Pour Blue, Blueberry, Darkest Grape. Now we just need to pick a few more accent colors. Progress being made!

Then I walked ten minutes up to Borders (from my new house, we can walk to three bookstores -- Borders, Barbara's, and The Book Table), where I sat in the cafe with chai and Under Heaven. Finished it, and liked it a lot. Still think I like Fionavar and Tigana better, and maybe even Lions of al-Rassan, but he definitely managed to bring tears to my eyes with his ending. I love Guy Gavriel Kay so much.

As I was leaving Borders, I ran into a knitting group that meets near our new house! I gave them my e-mail -- much as I love the Buzz group, this one will be much more convenient to the new house. Score. Then I walked back down ten minutes to my house, enjoying the stunningly perfect weather, 70 degrees, sunny and breezy. (It was like a Bay Area day. :-)

When I got home, I sat on my porch swing, and with the help of the overhanging porch roof and trees to provide lots of shade, managed to write another 2000 words on my YA, bringing total so far up to 15,000 words. 45,000 or so to go! I'm a quarter done!

Chatted briefly with neighbors, who invited us to a cookout next weekend (Ron/Liz, if you're reading this, I think the calendar looks clear -- will confirm with Kevin when he gets home). So nice! And then put a second coat of paint on the posts, confirmed that they still look gorgeous, chatted with the mailman who also thinks that trim color looks great, and came home.

Now I do a little cooking for dinner (chana masala and cauliflower curry with rice, I think) and take over kid duties for a few hours. If they're in a particularly good mood, maybe I can manage a few rows of knitting while watching them. I'm hopeful that Kevin will be able to watch them from 6-8, so I can go try an aikido class. If I can manage that, it'll be pretty close to a perfect day.

I still have gazillion e-mails and phone calls to answer, but I am ignoring them all for the moment. I needed this.

My perfect day has:

  • reading for pleasure
  • writing (ideally with it going well)
  • kid time
  • Kevin time
  • friend time
  • crafting
  • cooking
  • beautiful weather
  • fun exercise
What does your perfect day look like?

2 thoughts on “Forgot my phone this…”

  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I’m glad it all went so well.

    And I meant to say before that I love the name “Darkest Grape.”

  2. I think mine would involve reading and writing time, time out with a friend or partner, good food (whether I make it or it’s at a restaurant or festival), and a little relaxed kid time in a non-cluttered space.

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