It’s a little…

It's a little frustrating using the color viewer because it only lets you pick three colors, and we actually have four. And of course the proportions are off compared to our house -- ours has more blue, and less of the three trim colors. But still, it helps, I think.

Here's a slightly darker on-screen blue that I think looks more like the on-house color we're thinking of right now. If you look at the white trim version and the purple trim version together, you can sort of imagine what it would like if you had half as much of each. The porch railings, the borders around the windows (which we can't change), and some gingerbread detailing will be white.

I tried reversing the purple / red too -- not sure if it looks better with purple (1st pic) as a more dominant trim or red (3rd pic). Which do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “It’s a little…”

  1. You shouldn’t put too much weight on my opinions for any color decisions, given my color issues, but fwiw:

    I like all of these in different ways. In all of them, the blue is dramatic and lovely; it’s roughly what I would use for my house if I were allowed to pick a color.

    The top one looks like the kind of house that always grabs my attention and makes me smile when I pass them on the street.

    The middle, with white trim, looks to me more sort of all-American middle-class (in a good way), fresh and clean and solid and respectable. It doesn’t say to me “the people who live here are interesting and cool and quirky” the way the others do, but it looks nice.

    The bottom one doesn’t leap out at me the way the top one does, which is interesting because I think I like the purple better than the red; but to my eye, the purple is darker and less vibrant, so it looks a little less dramatic and fresh and a little older/more worn. And perhaps a bit gloomier. So in terms of first-glance impressions, I prefer the top one to the bottom one, but in terms of colors in the abstract, I prefer the purple to the red.

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