I thought it might help…

I thought it might help those who wanted to give input on our house to see what a color combo might look like. This isn't our house -- it's a Benjamin Moore sample house that looks vaguely similar in shape. Ours would have more of the main blue color, and less of the trim colors of purple and dark red, plus a bit of white (on lower porch railings, thinly bordering windows, and possibly some of the small Victorian details). I would have included white, but that wasn't an option. Still, maybe this helps?

Colors: Blueberry (blue), Seduction (purple), Night Flower (red)

I quite like this color combo -- it looks like something out of a fairy tale to me, without being too cotton-candy-ish (as the vast majority of Victorians seem to be). Just looking at it makes me happy. It's totally okay if it makes you want to claw your eyes out -- you don't have to live in it! Or even see it! Unless you're our neighbors -- hi, Ron and Liz! It could be worse -- I could've picked blue/orange, like this Victorian, or maybe yellow with two shades of red.

Of course, Kevin may also decide he wants to go a little more subtle. Which would be okay with me too -- not quite as much fun, but perhaps easier to live with?

This is what our house currently looks like. So all that light blue-grey would be replaced with a rich blue:

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  1. Julia Kholodenko

    Hi Mary Anne,
    I’ve just been having fun playing with Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer with the demo house that you picked to paint. If you like Blueberry (and as I said, that’s my favorite too) try looking at it with Cupid’s Dart for the trim color and Cinco de Mayo as the accent color. I think the colors are rich enough to not be too pastel-like, but a little more “contemporary casual” rather than the accent colors you on your sample: seduction and night flower.
    And yes, people around here tend to paint big-box colonials mostly in white or yellow, but they go for Athens blue or something similar if they want a change of pace that doesn’t look too strange.
    Occasionally, they go for Chicago Blue on a Colonial, like the builders in our condo complex, and then it’s so bland that our recent touch-up replacement shingles were done in grey as the closest match.

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