Yesterday I went to the…

Yesterday I went to the paint store, picked up some sample pots, and then put colors up on the house. Results so far, after conference with the neighbors (Kevin will go look at them today):
    For body color:

  • Chicago blues: no one liked it -- although notably darker, still too similar in grey tone to previous house color, which they're very tired of, as it's been that color for decades

  • Athens blue: bright and cheerful -- but perhaps too much so, since we don't actually live on a Greek island

  • Blueberry: everyone LOVED it in the shade. But a little concerned that it may still be too bright for sunshine. The front of our house is shaded all spring/summer/fall (basically when the leaves are out), but is sunny in winter (except, of course, that Chicago winters tend to be mostly grey), and the side and rear of the house are mostly sunny year-round

    For main accent:

  • Chili Pepper: too bright and orangey

  • Pottery Red: possible, but not thrilling anyone

More today. Kevin wants us to try a darker blue for the body, just to see. And I want to try Cottage Red and a few other reds for the main accent color.

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  1. mary anne, i saw the test strips on my way home. i too liked the blueberry sample near the porch. using blue tones with red and white accents could get tricky if you’re not going for a patriotic look. color can be complex. even for two designers who have studied color theory :-).

    we’d be happy to foster ellie over the summer. we’ll get together soon (may) to go over details.

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