Color update (’cause I…

Color update ('cause I know you're all fascinated with my house color):

  • Blues eliminated for body of house: Chicago Blues (fine, but dull for a Victorian), Athens Blue (too bright and Greek island-y), Blue (gorgeous cobalt color, but too intense for a whole house), California Blue (too bright and sunny -- interestingly, much more so than it appeared on the color card; most of the other colors have seemed reasonably true to the card, but not this one).

  • Blues still in contention: Blueberry (the clear frontrunner, favorite of many, but we need a sunny day to see whether it's too bright in sun), Champion Cobalt (a darker shade, possibly too grey and dark)

  • Blues still to consider: Down Pour Blue (the next shade darker from Blueberry on the same color card), a historical blue (because Pam says the grey in them makes them wear better over time, but I suspect none of them will be rich enough to please me -- still, I'll try it on the house).

  • Reds eliminated for trim: Chili Pepper and Dark Rose (both too orange for us)

  • Reds still in contention: Pottery Red (pretty but I think a little too brown for us), Cottage Red (fine, but somehow not exciting to either me or Kevin -- Pam loves it, though)

  • Reds to be considered: Not sure, but a few reds with more purple than brown in them, I think. I think I was a little afraid of trying those, that the house might get too exciting, but I should just get over that and at least try them up on the wall. So maybe something like Raspberry Truffle.

It's a little frustrating how long this is taking, and how many trips to the paint store, and I do periodically think this would be a lot faster if I didn't have to consult Kevin and could just decide already. I would've picked the colors weeks ago, if so. But of course, it's his house too. :-) And at least I feel like progress is being made. We're still waiting on permits -- four weeks since we submitted plans for permit approval. And counting. We were really hoping to start work by May 1. We'll see.

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