Okay, I need some…

Okay, I need some bibliography help. WisCon asked me for a comprehensive bibliography of my work (part of the whole Guest of Honor thing), which made me realize that I didn't have one on my site. No problem, right? There's the Wikipedia entry, there's my CV. I can just throw a bibliography together.

But it turns out that while the Wikipedia entry is lovely, it doesn't document any of my short publications, just my books. And my CV got edited heavily when I went on the job market the last time around; I pruned out a ton of stuff, including most of my pre-2007 or so short publications. You would think I would have kept a copy of the earlier draft but apparently not, because I am an idiot.

So, if you happen to be an ardent fan of mine, and/or have any idea how best to go about figuring out what I published back in the day, help? This bibliography draft is all I've got so far, and it's woefully incomplete. There's several short stories missing, and a ton of poetry publications. I pity any future scholars of my work. :-/ (I also pity them for having so much bloggage to read through, but that's a different problem. At least the blog is searchable.)

Also, while we're at it, if someone could edit the Wikipedia entry on my academic job to include my new admin position, that would be swell. In addition to the Clinical Assistant Professor in the English department at UIC, I'm also Assistant Director of Asian and Asian American Studies, starting fall 2009. Now, that may not last, depending on what happens with the budget cuts, but at least for the 2009-2010 academic year, it'd be nice to have that documented. And maybe it should say that I live in Oak Park, IL, not Chicago? Thanks!

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