I thought about waiting…

I thought about waiting until it was sunny to photograph these quick cotton dishtowels I made yesterday, but in Chicago winter, that might mean waiting a long time. Just imagine them a bit brighter than the camera makes them look, okay? They certainly brighten up my kitchen very nicely, and for a half hour of cutting and sewing, make for a very nice pop of color, carrying promises of spring coming. Someday.

Even in Chicago, winter can't last forever.

I really love how fast sewing is, by comparison with knitting and crochet (and writing :-). Nearly instant gratification! Offhand, the only thing that is sometimes just as fast is cooking, and the problem with that is that your edible creations disappear so quickly -- you don't get to stare at them and gloat for months on end. (Unless you're making fruitcake.) I enjoy the process of making (almost anything), but I really love finishing things.

In the yarn world, this is referred to as the difference between a 'process' and a 'product' knitter. Process is all well and good, but give me finished objects to delight in, please. :-)

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