I’ll be performing here…

I'll be performing here on Saturday. No idea what, yet -- I'd hoped to do something new, but haven't come up with anything yet; not sure I'll have time. So may be digging through the archives. Maybe an excerpt from "How It Started"? It's not a very think-y piece, but pretty smutty, which generally is fun for readings. Or "Kali"? An old piece, but appropriate to the theme. 4-7 minutes. Hmm...

Trikone-Chicago is proud to announce KalaKranti 2010. This momentous event celebrates Trikone-Chicago's first year of activism and community building in the Chicago area, the recognition of same-sex marriages in Nepal, the repealing of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code by the Delhi high court, the recognition of equal rights for transgender people in Pakistan, the addition of gender non-conforming options to voting ballots in India and Nepal, and all other activism that betters and saves the lives our LGBTQ South Asians everywhere! KalaKranti, a fusion of artistic creation [kala] and revolution [kranti], recognizes that change can and does come from artistic practice, and we have an incredible line-up of performers and activists for you!

KalaKranti is scheduled for the 23rd of January 2010, at 4:30pm at @mosphere bar (5355 N. Clark St) in Andersonville. This event commemorates Trikones first year of activism and outreach, and also recognizes the activists that came before us and paved the way for Trikones successes. Ifti Nasim and Sarwat Rumi, two Chicago based poets and activists, will be honored for their contributions to the queer South Asian community and the Chicago community at large. In addition to Nasim and Rumi, other performers include prolific writer Mary Anne Mohanraj, Chicago-based actor Fawzia Mirza, and students from Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. The evening will feature classical music, spoken word poetry, dance, and theatrical solos. KalaKranti is the first event of its kind in Chicago and we look forward to seeing you there.

You can visit our Facebook event page and RSVP if you'd like. If you'd like to join the Trikone Listserve: http://groups.google.com/group/Chicago-Trikone/ (new Trikone website will be up soon!) Email questions to: kareem.khubchandani@gmail.com

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