Thanks to the mad web…

Thanks to the mad web skillz of Shmuel, my bibliography is now complete. Future scholars, rejoice! :-)

9:05 update: Oops -- realized I need to move some of the publications from fiction over to poetry. Ah well -- will fix tonight, hopefully.

Had dinner with Pam and the family at Trattoria 225 last night, where the owner very kindly showed us his pizza oven and talked us through the whole research / installation process. Very nice of him, and the food there is delicious, so a good advertisement for pizza ovens. :-) Also for the restaurant -- recommended. I had a shrimp scampi appetizer and the chicken caesar salad; Kevin and Pam had individual pizzas. Pam's apple dessert was particularly delectable.

Kavi was restless and difficult, though, and I was just too tired to cope well with her. By the time we got her home, I was about ready to lose it. We parked her in front of my computer watching The Lion King (thanks, Uncle Rick!) and we collapsed on the couch to watch a few sit-coms. Big Bang Theory cheered me up a little, but funny physics geeks can only take you so far. Thankfully, Kevin took pity on me and stayed up 'til 5:30 to let me get an entire eight hours of sleep (the first in at least two weeks), and I woke up feeling much more sane. I can handle the short nights and interrupted sleep for a while, but if I don't periodically get an eight hour stretch, I really start falling apart. I'm still tired today, of course, but it's manageable.

This morning, was together enough to cook rice and Thai red curry for lunch/dinner (chicken, green beans, lychee, good). Also updated that bibliography. Now I'm on campus, with ten minutes to do a final prep for class, and then I go into my long teaching slog of three classes in a row, capped off by an extra budget meeting for LAS (liberal arts and studies). That should be fun. Good thing I got that sleep.

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