We’ve signed a lease and…

We've signed a lease and put down a deposit on a rental, a little three-bedroom house where we'll live for the next six months or so. Planning to move in on the weekend. We've also had a contract accepted for the purchase of our actual house, which we'll do a quick inspection for on Friday. If nothing's disastrous there, we're set to close Oct 2. At which point, minor repairs will commence, followed by major renovations. (Hence the rental; we don't want to be living there with Kavi and an infant while there's lead paint dust in the air...)

More details soon.

I'm very excited on one level -- on another level, I'm holding my breath. We've been disappointed so many times that I'm not sure I'll quite believe this until it actually happens.

4 thoughts on “We’ve signed a lease and…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Oh, it’s in Oak Park. Two blocks from the Blue line subway we take to work, five minute drive to the house we’re buying. We’re very anti long commutes.

  2. Oh good luck, good luck! Yes, be very careful about lead dust, not to mention soot and other things that can accumulate behind the walls of old houses. And if you’ve got stained glass windows, remember to watch out for lead from there.

    Congratulations, fingers crossed.

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