Mary is dictating to…

Mary is dictating to Kevin.

My water broke at 5:30 this morning; it was very messy, but there were no contractions to be seen or felt. We dropped off Kavi at Jarmila's and went to the hospital. Sadly, my doctor says I'm only one cm dilated, so it's unlikely I'll go into labor for many hours. Given the various risks, they've recommended a repeat C-section, and we agreed. I'm a little disappointed not to try the vaginal birth, but a c-section is pretty clearly the sensible choice, given the particulars of my situation. (Progressing pre-eclampsia, etc.) We're waiting for the anesthesiologist now, and should be in surgery shortly.

With any luck the next time you hear from us we'll have a baby boy. We even think we have a name ready, at the very last minute...

Oh, I'm at Illinois Masonic, in case anyone wants to come by and visit. Probably not up for visitors today, but I'll be here at least through Saturday, if I remember how this goes.

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  1. Woah! That baby just wanted to know where he was going to live for the first 6 months I guess. I hope the birth goes well and you recover quickly. Congratulations!

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