Got good house news, but…

Got good house news, but it's tentative. More as things are confirmed. I think it's not exaggerating too much to say that this house-buying process has been a long nightmare (two months tomorrow), but it may be almost at an end. Cross your fingers for us.

Oh, and Kavi's croup is definitely getting better, but she's not quite well yet. It's been awful having her so sick -- holding her down to get the hideous-tasting steroid medication into her, while she cried and tried to jerk away and begged us to stop, was one of our worst parenting moments so far. :-( I felt like a monster. Then poor Kevin had to deal with two hours of hysterical crying yesterday while I was at class, oof. But so far, Kavi's been pretty okay today. Coughing occasionally, and her voice is still messed up, but noticeably better. You can cross your fingers that she keeps improving too, okay?

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