Last week, I got an…

Last week, I got an e-mail from Nadeau telling me that they had just gotten in a teak canopy bed in from Indonesia. I ran up to their store, fell in love, and somewhat impulsively, bought the bed.

Now I have to decide; do I use this for Kavi's actual bed (my original intent), or as a daybed for my home office? It's one inch narrower and five inches longer than standard full-size (80" long x 53" deep x 82" high), and I think would sleep her pretty well; I lay down on the futon-type cushion for a bit, and it seemed quite comfy. Should work fine for sleepovers if two little girls want to share a bed. On the other hand, would also be fun for my office, and I don't think there's any good way to attach a toddler rail to keep Kavi from falling out as she gets used to a big girl bed. Although I suppose we could just put the open end next to the wall for a year or so. If we do use it for my office, it does have the added bonus of working as extra sleeping for either a single visitor or a cozy couple. I'm torn. Opinions?

For her room, I'd be draping it with bright pink and orange fabric. For my office, not sure -- probably white chiffon sheers, but maybe with a bit of silver or gold patterning; embroidered sari fabric ideally.

5 thoughts on “Last week, I got an…”

  1. I like Keyan’s thinking.

    I’m not sure if Kavi is a mover and sleeper. My kids didn’t use the toddler conversion of their beds for very long. They pretty much moved from crib to full-sized bed. They only fell out about 2-3 times. Keep in mind J has been in a full bed for 4 years (4×365/3=<1%).

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. If they’d had two, I might’ve been tempted. But as it is, they only get one of these about once a year or so, I think, and you have to move fast to snag it. It’s all a little random.

  3. Given what River has done to his beautiful dark wood convertible crib, I’d keep this in an adult-only (or adult-supervised) room. Too pretty to risk! You can always give it to her when she goes off to college, if she’s not too tall!

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. What did he do to it? Dare I ask?

    I think Kavi’s a little old to chew on the furniture at this point… 🙂

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