It looks like Kavi’s…

It looks like Kavi's cold is actually croup. Poor munchkin. She's got the characteristic harsh, barking cough, and more trouble with coughing and breathing at night, plus a fever. It's a tremendous relief living in a house with a pediatrician (Anne), who can definitively diagnose such things for us. At this stage, we're mostly trying home remedies, like getting a cool-air humidifier to hopefully help Kavi sleep better at night, although we're probably also going to pick up a steroid prescription today. It's all a little worrisome, but apparently mild croup is pretty common and not a serious concern; it should run its course in three to seven days.

Plan for today -- I'm working on the Asian American Studies website for UIC, just getting minimal info updated and up. We have two job searches upcoming, so it'd be good to have at least a basic website up and running ASAP. Once that's up, I'm planning to do more research on similar sites, see what we're missing, think about updating it properly, etc.

We also have several more appointments to look at rentals; we're hoping to make a decision on one today, and move in as soon as they'll let us (definitely by October 1st). We're still waiting to hear on the house we're hoping to buy, but we've pretty much decided that if we do get it, we're going to embark on renovations pretty immediately, so will want to be living elsewhere (given infant and Kavi, especially) while the work is being done. If we don't get it, we'll be looking for another house, but at this point, with the baby imminent, we don't want to rush things. So one way or another, a rental 'til spring is looking likely.

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  1. Mina had croup. The steroid does help. They also say you should put her in a steamy room (run the hot shower) and then take her outside and put her in cooler air, but I can’t speak to the effectiveness of that method, as M. was sick in January and thus we didn’t try it.

  2. Just dropping in to say hi and I’m sorry things are so rough. I saw Jed last week and he filled me in on your housing woes, which sound like they would be miserable without a toddler and without being eight months pregnant.

    Thinking of you, and please holler if there’s anything anyone can do from afar.

  3. Much, much croup in my life. All 3 kids have had it and been hospitalised for it. Steroids are awesome – ibuprofen can also help in mild cases.

    The steam thing seems to be very kid specific. When I was a kid it absolutely worked for me, but does nothing for my kids. Studies have found it to non-effective, so it probably doesn’t work for more kids than it does.

    I hope she gets over it quickly. I suspect it is more stressful for the parents than it is for the kids.

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