My life is pretty much…

My life is pretty much all-Kriti, all-the-time this week. Four hours working on program book with Satya yesterday, think it's close to done. Hopefully Kinko's can print it in time. All sorts of last minute e-mails with minor logistical details. Running list in my head and on computer of things I have to get done; some overlap between two lists, but not complete. What the heck am I going to wear??? Reading tonight in Glen Ellyn with Minal, Tania, Naazish, pre-Kriti event. Roshani's in town, meeting her for mani-pedi this afternoon. Nilofer's in town, but both of us so busy that we completely failed to meet up. Sigh. Had great three-hour lunch with Venu a few days ago. Life is crazy, but also generally excellent.

Trying to figure out whether it's better to buy a house that is probably quite lovely and just fine for our needs in terms of space / garden / location / etc. (assuming condo sells), or hold out for finding perfect house we're madly in love with -- which might mean renting for six months or some such, if our condo sells quickly. Moving twice, argh. (Would probably just put most everything in storage, live minimally until spring/summer market next year -- not normally such a big deal, but will be dealing with first six months of new infant at same time.) Thoughts?

This week, summer session ends, Kriti on the weekend. Starting Monday, I have NOTHING to do for TWO MONTHS except rest and grow baby and house hunt and keep things clean for showings and play with family and visit relatives and write if I feel like it. I may have a heart attack out of sheer relief and bewilderment.

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