Long day, not quite done…

Long day, not quite done yet, but soon. Waiting for Satya to send final edits on program book so I can upload to printer.

Had great time reading in Glen Ellyn with Minal and Tania. Too many delays earlier in the day, but everything managed to be done essentially on time.

Have new phone -- my iPhone was not only a) dead, b) out of warranty, but c) out of AppleCare, as of ten days ago. Sigh. But the good news is they just dropped the price by a hundred dollars for a 3GB 8MB iPhone, due to new phone coming out on Tuesday. So I bought a new phone, twice as fancy as my old phone. Also requires more expensive monthly plan, boo. But not much to be done about that, unless I'm willing to give up having an iPhone. Which, y'know, I'm not willing to do. So yay, new phone.

Another showing for tomorrow, plus it looks like someone's going to make an offer. We'll see if it actually materializes, and for how much.

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