Open House report: …

Open House report: three hours of open house -- four couples came by. Is that good? I don't know.

One of them was a second look, a couple who had had an appointment on Saturday. So that's promising. They had some specific, very concrete questions about the condo reserves, sealing on the split wall, etc. We'll see what they think of the answers. At least it seems like they're seriously interested -- that's a promising sign.

Another open house on Sunday, 2-4. We'll see how it goes. And now I'm off to try once more to contact the realtors of the Mad Hatter house, which I really do want to see. Although we're trying to guess what's wrong with it -- it actually seems to be priced reasonably well, so why has it not sold in 271 days? Is it just the interior decorating turning people off? That seems unlikely, which makes us worry that there's something more seriously wrong with it.

Quick note -- my iPhone is having serious trouble -- I can't really use it as is. So if you try to call me on it, or text me, it probably won't work. I'm going to have to borrow Kevin's cell phone for Kriti, I think. Irritating!

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