I am so very behind. …

I am so very behind. With Kevin gone, I've just been able to do the minimum. You'd think without him here, less cleaning and cooking would mean more time for me, but that is SO not the case. Can't wait 'til he gets back Saturday.

That said, I'm doing okay on everything other than e-mail and exercise. Did some writing, plan to do more tomorrow afternoon. Eating fine. On schedule with course prep, grading, teaching. Taking decent care of child with Jarmila's help. Going to actually spend a little time relaxing tomorrow -- get a massage at Thousand Waves in the morning. (In theory, our budget can stand me doing that once every two months right now. Love it.) Simone's coming by this afternoon to help me catch up with some household stuff. Hopefully once Kevin gets back, I'll start exercising again and will catch up on the miserably backlogged e-mail, and everything will be under control once more.

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