Okay, so I think I’ve…

Okay, so I think I've figured something out. Which is that the only time of day when I can reliably exercise is before Kavi wakes up. And that also, I feel better all through the day if I exercise at the start of it. But what normally happens is that I get up, read e-mail, read blogs, make tea, eat something -- and somewhere in there Kavi wakes up, and there goes my chance to exercise. So I have developed a new rule:

Exercise Before E-mail!

So simple. So elegant. So hard to stick to...? We'll see. But I tried it today -- came downstairs, ate half a banana and some toast, and then did twenty minutes of step aerobics. Kavi woke up partway through, but I left her complaining in her crib -- it's not as if there was anything actually wrong with her -- she was just bored and wanting company. And now I feel all virtuous. Maybe I can actually keep this up.

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