Thanks, everyone, for…

Thanks, everyone, for the condo ad advice. I have revised appropriately, and we are now officially on the market. The plan is to put it out there for a month, just to see if we get any direct hits, and then, if it hasn't moved and we still want to sell in April, go with a realtor (which involves much cleaning, de-cluttering, storage, etc. oof).

PLEASE do spread the word on this widely, if you know anyone in Chicago (or willing to move to Chicago) who might be even vaguely interested! Kavi and Ellie would like a yard, please. :-)

Wicker Park 3 Bedroom Condo For Sale

In other news, Kavi woke me up at 4:30, so I am very groggy and out of it. But Lori and Ursa are over, so Ellie has had much playing, and I'm managing to get some writing done. About halfway through the sequel to "Jump Space," I think, tentatively titled "Crossing the Line". 2500 words and counting...

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