Rain, rain, rain. …

Rain, rain, rain. That's what we have around here, and plenty of it. Luckily, I like rain. :-)

It's made for some good cooking; somehow this weather makes me want to cook. Lunch today was french onion soup with bay and thyme from the garden, delicate and lovely. Thursday night I made green curry (chicken, green beans, bamboo shoots, spiced with some hot chilies from the garden) and rice; tonight, a Mexican casserole, I think, roasted poblano, queso fresca, corn tortillas, etc. Or possibly fajitas, if it seems too warm for baking.

Taking it very easy still; I had a long and tiring day yesterday. Tonight is Nilofer's going-away party; until then, I'll just be puttering. Hope your weekend is similarly pleasant!

4 thoughts on “Rain, rain, rain. …”

  1. It is interesting how weather can affect the desire to cook. This reminded me that whenever there is a big snowstorm, I have the very strong urge to broil a steak and cook lots of green vegetables to go with it.

  2. I am likewise having a wet weekend and the hurricane weather hasn’t even arrived in Michigan yet. I am between computer projects and working on the the timeline for a novel that has been bouncing around in my head for awhile so I haven’t wanted to go outside anyway.

    David’s note reminds me that we first baked bread during a 36 inch snow storm on Easter weekend while I was working for the University of Michigan. We discovered that kneading dough is a great way to dissipate aggressions. I am guessing but I think that was in 1974 and we’re still doing it.

    With all of live,

    C. J. Czelling

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