Went to bed at 10ish,…

Went to bed at 10ish, and was sleeping pretty restlessly until Kavi woke me around 12:30. I got her back to sleep quickly, but by then was wide awake. So I came downstairs and called Jed; had a nice chat for a while. Then sat down and drafted a piece for Yoni ki Baat, the S. Asian vagina monologues thing. They have a piece of mine already, an abbreviated version of "Silence and the Word," that they did for a staged reading, but they're planning an actual performance now, a run of a few weeks in January. I'm pretty excited about that -- my first bit in a real play! And they had asked me to try writing something else, with a less sexual focus and a different tone, to lend some balance to the overall collaborative piece. So I just drafted a piece about Kavi's birth, specifically how I'd hoped for a vaginal birth, but it didn't happen, and my feelings around that. I think I like it, although I've told this story enough times now that I'm not sure how it would read to a new person. I sent it to the director, though -- we'll see what she thinks.

Better go try to sleep again now.

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