I had planned to do a…

I had planned to do a little craft project this afternoon while Kavi napped, making a small box to sit on my desk and hold camera, keys, that kind of thing. I'd spent a while looking for one that was the right size, etc., and hadn't found one, so of course that made a good excuse for a trip to PaperSource for a box making kit. :-) I already had PVA, cutting mat, craft knife, etc. and so on. I just needed one thing to get myself started: a ruler.

Box-making, like book-making, is very precise; you want to measure to sixteenths of an inch, ideally. But where could the ruler be? Not in any of the obvious places, so it was probably in the massive pile o' crap at the end of the hall, that I've been meaning to wade in and organize for, oh, the last eight months, approximately -- since we got back from California and dumped a ton of stuff there.

Two hours later, no ruler, sadly, but the hall is finally clear, and I am finally at peace. There is little that soothes the soul the way organizing does. The hall looks beautiful, and the trip hazards are gone; I think I've even managed to get all the choking/poisoning hazards off the floor, so Kavi can now safely run past that corner in her quest to reach the roof without my fearing for her life. Yes, all is now right with the world...

Of course, now the hall closet is calling out to me.

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