Friday night we went to…

Friday night we went to Lisette's dad's house -- she was in town visiting her family, and invited us over for pizza and company. It was a bit of an experiment for us -- dinner was at 7, which is perilously close to Kavi's normal 7:30 bedtime. We had thought that we would put her down somewhere at 7:30, but in the end, with the other kids screeching and all, it seemed easier to let her stay up and eat pizza with us. She got pretty fretty and clingy, though -- I don't think we're going to do that so often.

Lately Kavi has decided she really likes clambering all over mommy as a jungle gym, which is cute for a bit, and then gets kind of irritating, especially when she jams a sturdy little foot into delicate bits. But you can usually buy her off with remote controls.

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