We did make it to the…

We did make it to the farmer's market on Sunday, which was smallish, but had some yummy stuff. Lots of great melons (14 different varieties, and I think I sampled them all), pretty wildflowers, homemade strawberry-raspberry jam. Yum. It was a little hot and crowded; we should probably have gone closer to 7 a.m. than 10 a.m. But the advantage of many people was that Kavi got many compliments on her outfit -- at least four different people commented on how much they loved her shoes. :-)

Blueberries may be her favorite food ever. This month, anyway.

She also likes lamps. And daddy's sandwich.

2 thoughts on “We did make it to the…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    The shoes come with. 🙂 Gymboree, I think — not somewhere I usually shop, but somehow I was in there, and I loved that color.

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