I sold a story! To…

I sold a story! To Tumbarumba, a project of Ben Rosenbaum and artist Ethan Ham. The story, "Sequins," is about Sarala and Nihal -- Nihal is one of the Bodies in Motion characters, although I'm not sure he ever gets mentioned in the book. He's Shefali's second cousin, for those following along (Shefali from "And Baby Makes Four"). I love working with these characters.

I think this is my first new short story sale in...umm...three or four years? Okay, that's scary, if true. So, hooray for getting this written, and revised (what I did for most of this afternoon), and sold. Yay!

7 thoughts on “I sold a story! To…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    What’s frustrating is that the story only took about six hours total to write. There’s really no good reason I can’t write a story a week, if I just make space in my life to do it.

  2. Well…there’s that fermentation part, though–if you don’t have some times when you’re not churning it out, it can be hard to keep producing. That’s part of why ministers in my denomination get one Sunday a month out of the pulpit–it helps us stay fresh. I think you deserve some slack. 🙂

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