I just collapsed…

I just collapsed yesterday. I had a bunch of morning errands; pick up beautiful cream wingback chair and ottoman from Craigslist ad ($30!!!) for office, pick up dry-cleaning plus milk and eggs and blueberries and bananas for baby, then go up to Devon with Sharmi's college friend Marin so we could get our sari blouses made; we're maids of honor in Sharmi's wedding in October. So I got all that done, along with a yummy lunch on Devon, but when I came home, I fell onto the couch and mostly didn't get up again. So very tired -- I think it was the combo of the intensive playwriting weekend followed by the first week of classes that knocked me out.

Today I'm hoping to combine pleasure and productivity. Around 9-ish, we're all going to walk over to the Wicker Park farmer's market, which we've somehow never managed to get to before, because we are lazy bums. Then come home and do some household things. But this afternoon Kev will take over baby-watching so that I can work from 1-5; I want to revise "Sequins" and "The Yellow Dress" and maybe do some other writing-related stuff. There are a few pieces I think I wrote in the last year that are just hanging around and should go out in the mail. Going a whole week without writing makes me feel anxious and stressed -- even though I was supposed to be relaxing yesterday, I was having a tough time, because I felt like I had so much I needed to get done, especially writing. Hopefully actually writing today will help with that.

If there's time today or tomorrow, I may also do a run up to Gethsemane to refill some of my windowboxes with fall annuals. The last two weeks we were TERRIBLE about watering -- all my houseplants look pathetic, and anything outside in a shallow container is pretty much dead. I soaked the roof containers yesterday, and most of those plants seem to have survived the neglect (the roses are thriving, so pretty), but aside from my geraniums, all the other windowbox plants are brown and dead. Very sad. Hopefully I can get some cheerful fall annuals cheaply to brighten the next two months. Any recommendations? I have both north and west-facing balconies.

We really do need to put in a drip system on the roof. I'm a little intimidated by that project, but people keep telling me it's easy. Any tips would be very welcome...

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