Today Lori comes over…

Today Lori comes over with Ursa, which will make Ellie happy. I have a ton to get through today. Some of the tasks I would like to accomplish:

  • Put away laundry (DONE)
  • Take out four loads of trash (DONE)
  • Draft syllabi (LIT DONE)
  • Find all my books to take into campus (DONE, except Woman Warrior has been stolen by Kavi, according to Kevin)
  • Install Word on my new laptop (DONE)
  • Finish reading Updike best of the century anthology (for syllabus) (WORKING)
  • Research local daycares and make appointments to visit them (WORKING)
  • Finish and send out the christening thank you's. Yes, I should have done this in December. Don't remind me. (WORKING)
  • Schedule appointment to go to Devon and get sari blouses made for bridesmaids and matron of honor (me) in Sharmi's wedding (WAITING ON E-MAIL RESPONSE)
  • Figure out how to manage Mac Mail on the two laptops -- is it worth paying for a .Mac account, which I gather will synchronize the two computers? Or just do mail on one of them? And if so, which one -- the bigger stronger one that will live at home, or the little light one that will travel around with me and be at campus with me three days a week? So confusing. (SIGNED UP FOR .MAC, SPENT 4+ HRS SO FAR TRYING TO GET IT TO WORK RIGHT. CONTACTS AND CALENDARS MOSTLY OKAY, MAIL DISASTER. ARGH. THEY SAY IT'S JUST THAT THEIR MAIL IS DOWN RIGHT NOW. ARGH ARGH. I EXPECT BETTER FROM APPLE!!!)

  • Make annual vet appointment
  • Make appointments for annual ultrasound and bloodwork
  • Make appointment for semi-annual dentist visit and cleaning (ick)
  • Make appointment for Kevin to go to the doctor, because he hasn't been in at least a decade and it's probably time
  • Make agenda for DesiLit admin meeting Thursday
  • Revise "Sequins"
  • Revise difficult chapter of Arbitrary Passions that I've been avoiding
  • Help Kevin clean grill (we had to bring it inside because they're sealing the wood on our balconies today, and have been confronted with how truly filthy it is)
  • Move the Thai pepper plants that have gotten overshadowed by bigger habanero and serrano pepper plants, so they have a chance of actually growing; possibly move serranos too -- heck, move all of them. Plus some tomatoes.
  • Apply for citizenship.
  • Renew expired Sri Lankan passport.
It's possible that I won't get *all* of that accomplished today.

3 thoughts on “Today Lori comes over…”

  1. In theory, as I understand it, you should be able to set the Mail program to use “IMAP”, which means that your main mail storage location is on the (Pair) server, and your local copies of Apple Mail have local copies of the mail.

    In theory, that ought to provide all sorts of advantages.

    In practice, I have never understood IMAP and have always been a little scared of it, so I won’t be able to help you with setup.

    You can also get a MobileMe account (new name for .Mac); in addition to mail syncing (which I assume uses IMAP, but I’m not sure), that’ll do things like keep your calendars and address books in sync, and give you some remote storage (which you can use for remote backup, for example), and give you a very spiffy interface for displaying photo galleries. I finally signed up for a MobileMe account because there was a big discount on it with purchase of a 3G iPhone. But I’ve always been dubious about the $100/year cost, even though that’s less than $9/month.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I’ve pretty much decided to do MobileMe — they have a 60-day free trial, so that should let me figure out whether it’s worth the $100/yr. With two laptops and an iPhone, I think it’ll be worthwhile.

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