We’re back to…

We're back to alternating cooking weeks (we got off-schedule for a bit due to travel and such), and it's heaven. Mostly because I don't have to think about dinner at all, but also because I like his cooking, even when he's critical of it. Tuesday Kevin made a Thai stir-fry thing with bell peppers and tofu, and it was v. yummy and not something I would have made since I'm scared of trying to cook tofu. And last night he made homemade gnocchi (tasty but possibly more trouble than they're worth) and fresh pesto from the basil in our garden, along with a salad and homemade dressing. All much sharper in their garlic-ness than I would have done, plus he didn't put cheese in his pesto, so it tasted very different from mine. Which is good. Yay, variety!

Sorry I'm not blogging much -- crazy busy, trying to finish up everything before school starts. Stuff I haven't mentioned yet: Dorothy Allison's talk at the Femme Conference, which made me cry (so glad to have met her, and I gave her a copy of BiM to thank her for, well, everything, so yay). The conference itself was fascinating and intense and emotional and I actually had to go home partway through, in part to give Kev a break from Kavi-sitting, but in part because it was just getting to be too much. Will have to process slowly, I think.

Other madness here -- they're sealing our decks and balconies, so there's been much hauling of furniture and pots and grills and such, and my house is full of outdoor furniture, which is driving me a bit mad, but it'll all be gone by dinner tonight, thank god.

Nilofer did come over last night and took away a big bag full of size 6ish clothes, which I mostly haven't worn since college, or never wore at all (bought in hope, sigh). I'm going to try the two big bags that are left at a consignment store, I think, and then Goodwill. There's so much more space in my closet!!!

It's a bit ironic, since I'm actually still losing weight; lost another pound last week, due mostly to the two half-hour bike rides, I think. We're working up to biking into campus (3 miles each way), starting Monday. Tentatively planning on a dry run tomorrow, to see if we'll survive it. We are both still so very out of shape. But I'm happy that with exercise and no dieting, the weight loss is still continuing. Much more pleasant than just dieting!!! I'm not thinking about food and how hungry I am all the time!!! 8 pounds down so far. Seems unlikely I'll make 12 more before Sharmi's wedding (Oct 3), but we'll see.

Today, much to do. Expect to see the to-do list returning.

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Umm…I think he made it up. I’ll ask him to post it if he can recreate it, but he’s really not so much of a recipe cook.

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