Went into campus today…

Went into campus today to meet with Karen Su (runs the Asian American Resource Center) and Mark Canuel (chair of English dept.). Mostly just to say hi, although we did have a bit of business to discuss re: event planning for visiting writers and Kriti next spring. Good meetings. I also did some setting up of my new office -- draping some cloth over the ugly plastic table, hanging some photos from Sri Lanka, setting up my electric kettle and tea fixings. It's better, but still a ways to go! They plan to paint again eventually, but in the meantime, I've got a badly battered wall to cover up. Stopped at World Market on the way home and bought some curtains for $20 that I think will work. Will try it when I go back in a few weeks.

Also ordered the new computer they're buying me, a Macbook Air! Very exciting. I do have to give it back to the university if I leave, so I still need a computer of my own, at least in theory. I'm not entirely sure how the two laptop thing is supposed to work -- I suppose I could just keep my work files on one and everything else on another -- but my writing is, after all, part of my work, at least in theory, and it'd certainly be simpler to carry one computer around instead of two. Especially if one is very very light. :-) We'll see how it goes.

Ran a few errands on the way home, and now I'm reading The Best American Short Stories of the Century. I'm assigning it for my fiction writing class, based solely on recognizing many of the names in the TOC as important short story writers. But there are also a ton of writers on here that I haven't read yet, or haven't heard of. So in the next two weeks I'll be reading all 800 pages, so I can make selections for the students to look at. I may make comments on stories that particularly strike me as I go -- if any of you fiction writers out there feel like picking up a copy and reading along, that'd be fun. :-)

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