Chapters 7-9 revised,…

Chapters 7-9 revised, and now I'm exhausted. I'm also feeling a bit weird about these revisions -- several people said that they wanted a bit more drama, which I think I can do, but also a bit more scene, rather than summary. Which means dialogue, which means putting words in other peoples' mouths, because I surely don't remember what they actually said, more than three years ago.

It's particularly weird writing dialogue for Karina, both because I'm worried about misrepresenting her, and because nothing I write sounds like her. I tried looking up Australianisms, to try to get some of the sense of her speech, but she doesn't really use most of the blatant ones. Her words seem so flat and American on the page, but I can't think of any way to convey her accent, which is a lovely lilt. Very frustrating.

My back is hurting in any case, so I think I need to stop typing for today, and do a little household work instead. Still, good progress. Another 2-3 days like this, and I'll be done. Exciting!

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