I got restless yesterday…

I got restless yesterday afternoon, after a long reading stretch, and decided to walk down Milwaukee and try on clothes at the many trendy little boutiques that I normally don't let myself go into. My neighborhood is clearly designed for folks who are younger and thinner than me -- almost nothing fit in those stores. Very sad. Why is it that most of the utterly adorable clothes at Free People assume you have no breasts? Very frustrating. Even if I'd found their clothes at age 18, when I was thirty pounds lighter, I wouldn't have been able to fit into them because of the breast thing. At least their non-fitting-ness should make the pain of their also being too expensive a bit more bearable. Somehow it doesn't seem to work that way. (Heh. I was telling Roshani about this on the phone and she renamed them Free Tiny People. This amuses me more than it should.)

Today, Lori has abandoned our plans to work together, and so I am left, lost and alone, to try and motivate myself to write on my own. So far, no luck. I have: talked to Karina for an hour (okay, that part was great and well worth skipping writing time), had breakfast (necessary), and goofed off on the web (argh). I now have about four hours left of writing time, because I promised Nilofer that Kavi and I would meet her at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Kavi's first zoo trip! It will be fun, I'm sure, but first, there is writing to be done. So off I go, but I leave you with the fruits of Jarmila's dress-up labor yesterday -- I believe those are pirate bandannas and a sari, respectively, courtesy Sarah's Play Silks.

5 thoughts on “I got restless yesterday…”

  1. Oh my God, I know what you mean about clothes companies that make clothes for people with no bodies. Er…I mean, small bodies. French Connection is the same way. I think their largest size is a 6. I have also longed for a dress from United Colors of Bennetton for years, but their linen dresses flatten my boobs into pancakes.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Free People did (barely) have my size, but the cuts were almost uniformly hopeless. I did find one sweater dress that was forgiving enough to wear, but that was it. I have similar problems at Anthropologie, whose clothes I also crave. Are hippies supposed to be small-chested???

    So far, Banana Republic seems most likely to have dresses in a size 10-12 that still fit my chest. But their color/pattern aesthetic only overlaps with mine a bit, sadly. At least this season, they’re all about the brights, or the animal prints, or the b/w thing. Sigh.

  3. Hey. Don’t disparage me when I’m not over there. Sick. On couch. No writing for me, either.

    See you on Monday.

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