Wii report — I started…

Wii report -- I started using it on June 2nd. So one month in, I've lost 5.5 pounds and one BMI point. Not super-impressive, but I did pretty much skip a week and a half of working out in the middle there, when I finished unlocking all the games -- without that extra motivation, it was easy to slump. But I don't know that that's really the Wii's fault (though it would be nice if they maybe unlocked games a little slower, so that motivation lasted longer -- also if they had more games to unlock!). When I did exercise with the Wii, I lost about two pounds a week. And I pretty much haven't dieted at all in June -- tried not to overeat, but didn't count calories or cut back on my regular meals. So that's quite nice. I also feel stronger and more energetic, yay!

Plan -- try to lose two pounds/week between now and October 1st. So roughly twenty-four more pounds, which would be the last of the Kavi-weight. I sort of wish I'd started exercising sooner -- on the other hand, I was so overwhelmed in the first year with her, that I really don't know if I was up to all that stroller-walking, baby-and-me yoga, etc. stuff that some moms manage to do.

My only real critique of the Wii is that the yoga and strength training are all chopped up. I wish it had the option of selecting a two or three piece sequence -- ideally with some set-up in advance, so that you could flow from Warrior into Lunges without having to stop and go through the menu in between. I'm kind of surprised they don't have that, actually -- it seems like it'd be a simple option to add.

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