I started revising…

I started revising Arbitrary Passions today -- hooray! I'm hopeful that I can do a quick revision of some obvious problems by the end of the week, and then coax Jed into reading it over the weekend (while he's visiting), so we can talk it through before he leaves. Fingers crossed. Part of that revision was finding a passage that I rather like, but which no longer belongs in the story. So I give it to you here.

At Heathrow, I settle in for the long wait, with a venti Starbucks chai and the internet for comfort. I am shocked that I have spent twenty-one dollars already, for a single chai and three hours of internet. Luckily, I do not need to buy food now; I still have Marina Aunty's curry rolls with me. I packed four of them, frozen, in my backpack before leaving. They have thawed in transit, and I eat them slowly, compulsively, one after another, until I am stuffed.

Minced chicken and potato curry, cooked down slowly until all the gravy has been absorbed. The curry is then wrapped in a thin crepe, the ends tucked in to form a long roll. The roll is dipped in egg, rolled in breadcrumbs, and quickly deep-fried to form one of the tastiest of Sri Lankan snacks -- at least the way my aunt makes them. Everyone agrees that she makes some of the best rolls, and whenever I go back to Connecticut for a visit, I am grateful for as many as she is willing to send back with me.

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