Upstairs, Kevin is…

Upstairs, Kevin is putting Kavi to bed; it's one of his jobs now, per our recent re-allocation of domestic labor. He's having a hard time. I can tell, because she's howling. My response is not to go upstairs and kindly offer to take over for him -- no, it's to get up and turn the baby monitor off, so that the howling is more muffled (because now it has to come through a closed door and down the stairs). And then go back to my computer, because I am a heartless mommy. And because, despite aeons of cultural conditioning telling me otherwise, there's no guarantee that she would go to bed any easier for me, just because I'm the mommy. Really, her daddy can manage her just fine.

8:04 update: Kevin has come down and notes that the howling was only for the two minutes or so of her diaper change, which sometimes she gets quite indignant about. Apparently she was quite the sweet baby otherwise.

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  1. Way to be strong! If I give in to L.’s moments of wailing, I have often found I just made things more drawn out (walking in at the moment her dad tells me she was just starting to get over herself), so absolutely… unless he tells us otherwise, Daddy can handle it.

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