So yesterday I was…

So yesterday I was chugging along nicely on my day. I'd spent the morning with Kavi, put her down for her nap, exercised with the Wii (status report: one week in, have exercised five days out of seven, lost 2+ pounds, feel great, eager to exercise today), and was idly checking e-mail when out of the blue, I suddenly wondered, what's the date today? And, of course, it was Saturday, June 6th, which meant it was Printer's Row weekend, which meant that I was due downtown in an hour and a half to do a reading! Eep!

Luckily, that was still plenty of time for me to shower, dress, select and print out two short pieces to read, and get my butt in a taxi and down to the event. And I had a great time -- it was a joint reading with the other Northwestern MA writing folks, so I got to meet some of the current students in the program (one of which apparently reads this blog sometimes, hi Kelly!), plus a few of the faculty, Miles Harvey, author of The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime, and Michael McColly, author of The After-Death Room: Journey in Spiritual Activism. They were very nice and welcoming.

The reading itself went well, I think -- I read a cooking bit from "Monsoon Day" and the ocean scene from Arbitrary Passions, and afterwards I met a cool reader/writer, Rahnee Patrick, and we had an interesting conversation about AA issues (she's half-Thai) and disability issues as a performing writer. (Her husband's in a wheelchair, which means he can't attend her first Chicago reading, which is in a non-accessible bar. Sad!)

So, glad I didn't forget the event entirely -- clearly, I need a break soon to clear my mind! Jed got me a gift certificate to a spa for Mother's Day, and as soon as I'm doing with final grading this week, I'm heading off to enjoy it!

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