It’s miserably hot here,…

It's miserably hot here, and has been for days, and mostly we've been huddling in the air-conditioned apartment, but that makes little Kavi stir-crazy -- she gets so bored! And eventually she demands to go up up up to her favorite place -- our roof deck, where she will happily run around like a crazed running thing, delighting in the fierce breeze (I say breeze, but it's sometimes strong enough to knock her over -- not that we actually take her out there when it's that bad...). She doesn't seem to care how hot it is up there, so we hang out in the shade and let her go nuts for a bit. Really have got to get that kid some sunscreen sometime soon -- she's got more melanin than Kevin, but not nearly as much as me!

Normally I edit down my obsessive mommy-photos to just a few good ones, but dang, she's just so cute. This time, you'll just have to suffer through the full set. I present to you...

The Toddler in the Garden

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