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Quick question for the art folks? I did some paintings for WisCon, a couple of which I actually really like. In case they sell, I'd like to have good quality prints as an option...or at least a good scanned version, for my own records. I have *no* idea how you go about this. Just going to Kinko's and doing color photocopies seems like it's probably not the right option? Especially given that one canvas is quite large...


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  1. Depending on how large quite large is, the best route is probably photographing it.

    I’m going to be at Wiscon, and I can surely attempt to get a good picture of the piece for you (I can pack up my tripod), but you’d probably be better off finding a higher-end print shop to do it, if they can do it in time.

  2. While I was in high school and for a couple of years afterwards I photographed student art work. I attended Cass Tech in Detroit, and many of the art students were seeking admission to high end art schools or applying for scholarships. The usual application process included sending 35mm slides of representative works. I paid a good part of my university tuition this way.

    Digital photography is probably good enough so long as the camera has high enough resolution. While 6-8 megapixels will provide a good image, a 35 mm camera using Kodachrome yields about 30 megapixels.

    Place the work vertically. Illuminate it with 2 lights at 45 degree angles right and left and make sure that the camera is centered on a perpendicular line from the middle of the piece. Also, the film plane should be parallel to the plane of the work. Work at as great a distance as you can manage based on size of your room and the range of your telephoto lens. You will want to fill the frame with the work leaving only a slight margin around it. Watch out for glare. Use a good stable tripod and take at least 5 images at plus or minus one half and one f-stop from the base exposure.

    With all of love,
    C. J. Czelling

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