The day after we…

The day after we arrived in Chicago, we set up the Pack 'n Play Nilofer had loaned us and tried Kavi in it. She loved it! And mommy loves that Kavi will reliably play for a good hour or two a day in it, all by herself.

Also, note her new Tigger outfit. Because Miss Kavya likes to jump. :-) Plus, as a bonus, it's a warm sleeper that lets her actually get to her toes. She is much happier if she has toe access.

I think this might be Kavi's first Disney product. And so the madness begins...

4 thoughts on “The day after we…”

  1. I’m so proud that i recognize the Boynton book and can even identify some of Kavi’s toys by name! I’ve got da real baby savvy :).

    Kavi looks nom nom nom delicious as usual.

    Here’s wishing you and yours a sweet ’08, MaryAnne.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. I figured you’d appreciate it, Mya. 🙂 Not pink! Toe access!

    Maya, it’s a little funny that that photo is so dominated by HABA toys — I swear, she has some others…

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