We are home, by the way….

We are home, by the way. I'm just so paralyzed at the thought of blogging the whole last ten days since I last blogged properly that I keep avoiding it. Not to mention the three hundred photos to sort, discard, and edit. And the exhaustion that comes after a family 'vacation.' But we're home (as of yesterday), and we picked up Ellie from the kennel, and Kavi has just been put down in her own actual crib for the very first time (no guarantee she'll be willing to stay there), and we even have groceries. So soon I'll be able to blog the last ten days properly, I think.

Or else I'll just show you three hundred unedited photos.

Good to be home.

3 thoughts on “We are home, by the way….”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Jim, I’m afraid there was no bear, unless you count the ridiculously large FAO Scwartz bear Kevin’s aunt and uncle sent Kavi…

  2. James (of Tallahassee)

    oh no, there should have been a TWO (bananna pudding) bear… sigh.

    oh well, let me see what I can find out.


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