Saturday, our old…

Saturday, our old friends Bryan and Elissa came to visit, and we got to see their son Benjamin again, and finally meet their daughter Rebecca. I was impressed by Bryan's dexterity -- he's gotten to be quite the experienced dad, as you can see:

After some discussion, Jed decided to stay at our place and get some work done, and the rest of us decided to take the families to Humboldt Park -- we had considered the Lincoln Park Zoo and the North Avenue beach and Navy Pier, but decided they would all be much too crowded on a perfect Saturday in July. The weather was stunning, and as it turned out, Humboldt Park was a great choice. Not too crowded, lots of trees to climb and playgrounds to visit and grass to stroll on and lagoons to greet ducks in.

Kavi's a little young to appreciate the value of a good park, but her parents liked it very much. It was lovely to get out of the house, and I have to think that even if she doesn't know it, wandering around aimlessly in the fresh air is good for her too. If only because it re-energizes her tired parents!

Heh. The way the blanket is wrapped, it almost looks like she's wearing a sari in this photo. Funny!

Somehow I didn't get any photos of Ellie, but she had a great time too, including making friends with three local little girls, and finding something truly disgusting to roll around in, that we had to immediately wash off once we got her home. All in all, the family had a delightful afternoon. It's funny -- in just a year, Kev and I have gone from being a couple to heading up a family of four. A lot of new responsibilities, but it feels good. :-)

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  1. This photo of her in her blanket “sari” is my favorite so far — I love her expression. Hope your travels have concluded safely and sanely. 🙂 xoxo,m

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