Kavi Turns Two…

Kavi Turns Two Months Old!

We had a little birthday party on Friday -- a few days late for Kavi's two-month birthday, a few days early for my thirty-sixth birthday. Much of Friday was a scramble getting everything ready, but not too much of a scramble, mostly 'cause we had a visiting Jed to help. It ended up being a great crowd, about forty people, a mix of people I met through SAPAC or DesiLit, Roosevelt grad students, and old college friends. I'm not sure there was much mixing between the three groups, but at least they all seemed to be having fun talking within their groups.

Purvi and Satya's sister (whose name I have sadly forgotten), in front of way too much food. What with taking care of the baby, running out of propane for the grill, etc., it took a while to get it all out there, but eventually, there was plenty of food for all. People brought wine and beer and veggie burgers and fancy sausages and pasta salad and potato salad and buns; we provided lamb burgers with yogurt-mint sauce, basil/tomato/mozzarella salad, tandoori shrimp skewers, veggie skewers and watermelon. Our garden provided the mint and the basil, Sultan's Market provided their delectable hummus, tabouleh, and pita, and Bombon Cafe provided cake: one rosita fresita, one luisito. Yum. :-)

Kevin chats with our very nice neighbors -- they live across the hall, and loaned us propane when we ran out...

My friends are goofballs. :-) Satya, Venu, Nikhil.

I took Kavi over to the cake (thirty-six green candles for me, two white ones for her), but she didn't wake up for the blowing out of our candles. I'm just grateful that I didn't set her on fire when I leaned over to blow them out.

Isn't she pretty in her little party dress? (Credit: Baby Gap)

4 thoughts on “Kavi Turns Two…”

  1. That’s me holding Kavi! I’m famous.

    OK, my hands are famous!

    Great party, MaryAnne. Thanks for the invite, and good luck with your move.

  2. MaryAnne, you are now my new favorite person. Kavi comes a close second, and she would have totally number one if she had opened those pretty eyes (seen in her sari picture) while I was holding her. But nope. You’re number one.

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