Kavi had her two-month…

Kavi had her two-month immunizations today. A friend's wife had tried to convince us not to do them, because she thought they were too risky. But I'm convinced of the value of immunizations, both individually and on a larger social level, and we didn't hesitate about giving our baby the injections. It was a little stressful anticipating Kavi's reaction to the shots. When they actually gave them to her, she did scream for a few minutes, but it wasn't any worse than the indignant way she screams when we are not getting milk fast enough to suit her. So, much relieved about that.

The pediatrician warned us that she might run a fever, and sure enough, Kevin woke me at 2 a.m. to say that Kavi had a fever of 100.6, and should we do something about it? I wasn't really concerned, but he frets, and I have perhaps too much of a tendency to be blase about such things. So I called the ER, and they said to call our pediatrician, and so I woke up my poor pediatrician who told us to expect fever for twenty-four hours, and to just give her Tylenol. Probably we could have avoided this if we'd given her the Tylenol more regularly -- we gave her some when she got the shots, but then didn't give her any more for twelve hours or so -- we should probably have given it every 4-6 hours. But we'll give her the Tylenol regularly now, and I'm sure she'll be fine.

So why am I awake? I wasn't sleeping well anyway, even before Kevin woke me. We actually got a babysitter tonight for the first time (my sister's good friend, Marin, who works in child speech therapy during the school year) and went out to use up a gift certificate for dinner at Spring. (Also while we were out, we had the back windows of the car tinted -- apparently, the factory-standard tinting is pretty good at blocking out harmful UV, but the full tinting we added will hopefully help a lot with sun heat beating down on baby and puppy during the long drive west.) I had a full glass of wine with our yummy dinner (stand-out dishes: beet salad with goat cheese ravioli, braised short rib dumplings in a hot and sour broth), and since that single glass of wine is the most alcohol I've had in about a year, it may have had something to do with my sleeping badly tonight. Who knows? (The wine was very nice, by the way -- a light, fruity, very drinkable grenache with the delightful name of Writer's Block -- I think I'll get some bottles for the house. :-) My sleeplessness does mean that I can stay up with baby pretty easily and send poor Kevin off to get some sleep. It's tempting to check Kavi's temperature every hour, just to be reassured that the Tylenol is controlling the fever well, but that seems a little mean to do to a sick baby who's sleeping peacefully. (It's a rectal thermometer, you see.)

I guess I'll use this time to catch up on journal entries -- I've gotten so behind. It's been really hectic, trying to get everything done in time for our move, esp. when you add in a bunch of (pleasant, lovely, time-consuming) socializing with friends near and far. I haven't felt like I had a spare moment to write journal entries. But here I am, up with a sick baby, and here you are, and here we go. :-)

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