Millenium Park

Sunday, we left a tired Kevin at home with Kavi and Ellie (who is not allowed in Millenium Park anyway), and I went downtown with Bryan and Elissa's family.

Benjamin looks up at the big silver bean, aka "Cloud Gate".

Rebecca points. At what, I do not know. :-)

Some go boldly under the fountains, but Benjamin is more cautious.

I can't say I blame him -- that's a long, long way for the water to come crashing down. But I do admit, if I'd been wearing something light enough that it would dry quickly, I would've been heading under that water myself. :-)

At the end of our visit, after listening to the Etta James kids' concert, wandering through the rather dry and forbidding gardens, and meandering across the silver bridge (which I loved, but Bryan hated for its lack of efficiency), we discovered an old playground at the north end of the park. Who doesn't love to swing?

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