I woke up around 4-ish…

I woke up around 4-ish yesterday to take Kavya from Kev, and by 4 p.m. I was pretty desperate to get out of the house. So I handed her off to Kevin and took off to Borders. Stopped at Carter's next door -- I haven't been in an entirely baby-focused store before, and it was a bit intoxicating. So many cute tiny clothes! I restrained myself, only buying her a single onesie (pink and brown, with the words, "i don't have to be good...i'm cute!") and a few bath toys -- she didn't have a rubber ducky, after all, because Ellie thoroughly shredded the ones we used to have. $11 total -- baby clothes are cheap! Although to be fair, that may be because they don't last so long; our favorite onesies for her ("i am a lion and i go roar"; "i am an elephant and i am very big") already are losing their iron-on imprints after just a few washings. Sad. I would have been tempted to buy replacements one size up, but I didn't see them. Maybe they're not Carter's brand; I can't remember. Should check. (Hey -- I'm not buying their newborn size (5-8 pounds) anymore -- she's too big for it. Already! We're into their three-month size (8-11 pounds)).

After Carter's, went to Borders where I bought Kavi a book ("That's not my dragon") and then settled down to try to write. I didn't have so much time, since right now my excursions are limited by how long I can go without pumping (3-4 hrs comfortably), unless I want to bring the pump along and try to find a private place to pump. But I did work for about an hour on the nonfiction book and drafted a thousand words. I'm finding myself really wanting to write -- when I start, the words come easily, which wasn't true for much of the last year. I think all this semi-quiet time with baby is actually pretty good for generating the urge to write; I just have to start regularly making some time/space to actually do the writing.

Then ran a few more errands (we're finally getting around to putting up some curtains in the west windows, mostly to try to cut down on the summer heat -- if we had more spare cash, we would have had professionals come and install honeycomb shades, which are super energy efficient, but it's not in the budget right now -- maybe next year). And then home, to feed baby and pump, eat dinner of leftover curry (I've started cooking again, yay), and then we all went for a nice walk before bed, a slow square around the block.

Nice day. Next time, I should try to fit in two hours of writing. Though I suppose it's more important to try to fit in some writing each day -- something beyond journal/blog entries, that is. :-)

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